Draw Water and Other Things - The Art and Drawing Book

“It sells because it is different from any other children’s book” – COURTAULD Gallery Shop

The how-to-draw book everyone is talking about

A highly interactive book, Draw Water and Other Things is an innovative drawing method devised by Linda Nissen Samuels. Ideal for children and adults alike, this book is guaranteed to improve your drawing skills.

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How it works…

Sample page of Draw Water and Other Things

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What people are saying…

“As an experienced Art teacher I sometimes find teaching the basic principles of drawing difficult, but after reading this book and using the techniques everything is so much simpler and the results are stunning. Even the least creative pupil was so proud of their end product.” Tara Moran, Headteacher, Parlaunt Park School, Slough

“Wow Miss, I am going to do this at home tonight” Girl aged 9, after an art lesson using the book

“I can’t believe I can draw” Boy aged 8, Parlaunt Park Slough

“A welcome resource to enhance the enjoyment of those who love to draw and to encourage those who think they can’t!” Susy Stone, HeadTeacher, Akiva School, London

“OK, one complaint, you didn’t warn parents that children need so much paper to draw on!!! After consuming all the scrap paper in the house, he started drawing on a notebook, which will finish very soon. So I would say it’s a success!” Noriko, Croydon

“I bought this book for one of my granddaughters and enjoyed drawing from it with her so much that I purchased it for another (and enjoyed it just as much!!!)” Sue J, Philadelphia

“When my class asked me to draw a fairy, I was flummoxed. This book is a boon for teachers who can’t draw.” Julie Taylor, Primary school teacher, London.

“It’s amazing. You think you’ll never be able to do it and then actually it turns out everybody can draw and there is nobody who can’t draw.” Rachel age 8

“We received Linda Nissen Samuels’ book as a gift for our girls. It is great to see them busy with something creative and active rather than TV. Thanks for this lovely addition to our kids’ playtime.” RGF California (Amazon Review)

“A million thanks for your brilliant book. I draw pictures for my grandchildren abroad as a way of staying in touch (even though I have hardly drawn anything in my life). Your book has taken my efforts to a new level! The latest batch teems with birds and butterflies, elephants and giraffes, crabs and octopi... Even my people begin to look like people. I am having such fun and I am sure they are amazed by my sudden prowess. Now I am becoming quite ambitious. Who knows where this will end?” Helen, Hampstead , London

“Linda’s relaxed approach to painting and drawing is something I still use today.” James Butler, 1st year student, Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design

“I am not a natural artist, in fact I can barely draw at all; at least I thought I couldn’t until, quite by chance, I happened upon Draw Water and Other Things. Intrigued by the title I picked it up, looked through it briefly and later put pencil to paper; the results were astonishing, and though I shall never rival a serious artist I can now draw a number of things that I would have made a hash of before.” Charles Middlebrugh

“Simon took it with to the Galapagos and drew all the time on the plane!” Fleur Frank, Miami